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Teaching Online Safety to Kids

July 8, 2024
12:00 am

Online safety is the ability to identify online threats and knowing how to avoid them. This includes protecting your personal information, avoiding malware and recognizing illicit or harmful content.

Cyber security is crucial for students, who are increasingly online. They must be aware that there are real dangers to their security and privacy like cyberbullying and identity theft. They should also know that careless or reckless Internet actions can have severe consequences. For instance, a New Hampshire politician lost his job after posting inappropriate images and remarks about his opponents on social media.

There are a variety of things that can go awry when they’re shopping, playing games, or just chatting with their friends. For instance, it’s not difficult to click on a malicious link within an email text message, online advertisements that could be a virus that can infect a device. Once an embarrassing or offensive comment, image or video is posted, it is nearly impossible to get rid of.

Teachers can use a variety engaging activities to help children to learn more about cyber security. Students can make an animated digital cartoon about the dangers of bullying or meet someone they met on the internet in person to spark discussion in the classroom, and also develop critical thinking and media literacy. Students can also be taught about cyber security by creating an online mock article.

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